Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 day until 8 months

I know I haven't posted in a while.
Idk if It's because I've been so overwhelmingly somewhat stressed or I'm just too lazy, but my neglect of this blog has already affected my polyvore buddies.
I don't really know what to write, so I'll write about my day.
Wednesday February 3, 2010
Woke up; 6:35ish got dressed while singing and dancing to stupid music, my dad walked in on me 3 times, third time wanting to borrow money.
Then I waited for James to call me. Waited until 7:13 when I realized he wasn't gunna call and I had to get the bus.
On my brothers computer, discover more PORN PORN PORN from my dad and something about him wanting to cheat with other women, very upset.


On the bus with Joesph, My brother was sitting the back, which is good. I told Joesph about what me and James did, a bit and went into details. We talked about it for the 15 mins and my bus driver problaby thought I was physco.


In the High school, in the cafertina, still upset about the porn, waiting for James to come.

7;45 - 8:07: With James and Maxwell, in the cafertina, just joking about stupid stuff, hugging and kissing James over and over.

8;09- 9:35 Science
Nothing exciting, expect my science teachers nerdiness it's so funny yet adorable. I mean it's weird because he's a grown man, but he talks about how he goes home to his parents and his mommy makes him brownies. Sitting in class, boring, the boy next to me wasn't there, which is good and bad.
Good: More space
Bad: The girl across from me (Julie) has BO issues.

See James and Maxwell
it's freezing out, there's snow on the ground, but not enough to make a difference.

Mathhh,with james had a test today.
It was fine, besides the fact my chair was like squeking, and when I pushed my chair out everyone heard the GRRRhhdvyi noise it made.
I actucally think I did good though...

10:18- 10:22
Walk with James to his locker and then off to commons.

In commons, getting ingorned a bit.
Not fun, I text James.

10:31- 10"35
Walk with James near Italian and we depart :{

Period goes on forever
Jeanette pisses me off in the beginning so I got quiet, and started tuning everyone out.
and I get in trouble for not behaving
I ingorned my teacher too for a while..
I just didn't wanna talk... because anytime I did my accent wasnt good enough or my speech was off, and a roar of snickering would outburst from the back.

I had to stay after class to be spoken to.

Talking with il Italian professor
Got yelled out because I've been so quiet last 2 days (only 5 kids in the class, i'm one of the few who tries a bit)
I ended up making a excuse that I was sick, did a fake cough
and left
I wasn't gunna explain that I was being bullied by the class
being haressed
esspecially by Jeanette....

11:19-12:35 Double off with JAMES
<3 amazing.
Thats all I can say..
he was so sweet.
expect he got horny x]
it's okay though. I figured, I was being rlly touchy and giving alot of hugs.
Maxwell seemed to get a kick outta it.

12:39- 2:10
Double English
Had a social class instead of being lectured
It was all this hand raising stuff that was like "Have you ever been hurt.." this and that
I excluded myself from this circle, call me a attendian whore
But I hate my english teacher, he's screwed me too many times...
we don't learn ANYTHING at all!! but anyways back to my story.
uhmm so we all told stories (not me, I'm the quiet one)
And he started talking bout the social people
and these 5 catorgies people fall in,
staring at every person that fell in that place.
When he said outsider he stared at me..
I felt so sick... though
not just for being the outsider/loner... but for thinking about all the terrible terrible terrible things I've experienced or did...
I had lost myself completely..

Next was this trust excerise where we had to pick someone we didn't know
and I was just gunna leave at that point..not even try to play along
But some other girl named Kaitlyn (total wannabe no joke) attached herslef to me and started shounting "THE TWO CAITLIN'S ARE PARTNERS"
we had to talk about
~Family members
~Full name
~Favorite dessert
~what we wanted to be when we were little.

We did this and then she left me, so I stood alone.
being the loner I was...
and played anixously with my phone...hoping James would text me....

Got a major project... oh joyyy.

With james, saying goodbye for the day until we get home..
I get my kiss and go.

In the car with my dad going to my babysitting job 10 mintues away..oh joy.

being called a bitch and selfish by a 8 year old
Oh how my confidence is doing.

In the car with the women I babysit for and the boy
she finds out that he's been being mean to me and gets a full on lecture
in the car with me... when it's not right to abuse babysitters.

4:50 Home
Nicholas is home alone (he's 11)
Sit on the couch for a while.
think and text

Sorry this made no sense..
but I hope you liked!